Further Arguments for the Signing of Lucic

Okay, I had better address the Lucic thing.

First of all, I dislike Lucic with a passion. Not so much for his dirty play, which isn’t unique to Lucic, but more for his whining whenever anyone gives him a taste of his own medicine. He is a giant, malformed baby.

As far as mentorship goes, Lucic is definitely not the guy we want influencing Matthews the most. However, the Sedins would still be the dominant personalities in the room. One has to think that Lucic would shift his attitude to match the culture of the team, rather than the other way around. If that doesn’t happen, at least a short-term deal would make Lucic movable.

Here are the three main reasons why Lucic would be a valuable addition in UFA.

1) He has the skill to play with Matthews or another top-6 center. Lucic is definitely in the top-3 of most skilled UFA wingers. Only Okposo and maybe Erikkson are superior, however, they would be more expensive.

2) He has a reason to give the Canucks a hometown discount. Vancouver is, after all, his home town. No reason for any other UFA (other than Hamhuis) to give us a discount. If we’re signing a UFA this offseason, it will be on a tight budget. Lucic may be willing to sacrifice on term to play in Vancouver. No chance Okposo or Eriksson take any form of discount.

3) He can play multiple roles. If they draft Matthews, the team will need somebody to protect him. I know the age of the enforcer is over, but you still need someone to keep the other teams accountable. Derek Dorsett just won’t cut it, and definitely doesn’t have the skill to keep up with Matthews anyway. Lucic could play on his line and keep other teams off his back to a certain extent.

I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but if the Canucks can get Lucic on a short-term deal, it should be welcomed. He is our only real shot to get something valuable in the free agency market without sacrificing future flexibility.


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