2016 Canucks Draft Review

Meaning of Scores:

A= A steal of a pick. A better player than one could have hoped for at that spot.

B= A good pick. Few if any better players available.

C= A competent pick. Some seemingly better players available, but player is picked at a reasonable spot.

D= A bad pick. Either lots of better players available, or one that is an obvious pick that was snubbed in favour of this one.

F= A terrible pick. A pick with seemingly no NHL future.


1st Round, 5th Overall: Olli Juolevi

Score: B

Some wanted Matthew Tkachuk instead, but Juolevi was definitely the top defenseman available.


3rd Round, 64th Overall: William Lockwood

Score: C

There are a few players picked after Lockwood that were ranked higher, like Cliff Pu and Vitalii Abramov, but Lockwood looks like a good pick with intriguing upside.


5th Round, 140th Overall: Cole Candella

Score: B

Candella is getting some pretty glowing reviews from several scouts, including Corey Pronman, and seems to be great value for a 5th, but probably not quite a “steal.”


6th Round, 154th Overall: Jakob Stukel

Score: A

Stukel’s swift rise after injury troubles makes him a prospect worth taking a gamble on, especially in the 6th round. The fact that he is a local player is icing on the cake. Looks like a textbook diamond in the rough.


7th Round, 184th Overall: Rodrigo Abols

Score: C

Abols obviously impressed the Canucks in prospect camp, so it makes sense to secure his services with a 7th rounder. They must have been worried someone else would snag him.


7th Round, 194th Overall: Brett McKenzie

Score: D

McKenzie doesn’t seem to have a ton of NHL upside, and it’s my personal preference that the team use at least one late draft pick per year on a “boom or bust” prospect with high offensive potential. McKenzie is not that, and seems reminiscent of Kyle Pettit.


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